Can I pre-book my slot?

By Romeo Crow

Updated 7 months ago

Unfortunately, we don't pre-book slots.

The running order is determined on the night:

The first performer to Sign Up on the night gets to pick from all the available slots (i.e. if there are 16 Performers Signed Up, whoever signed up first will get to pick from any of the 16 slots).

The second performer to Sign Up will get the next pick (i.e. from the example above, they can pick from whichever 15 slots the First Performer didn't pick).

We carry on allocating slots in this way until the Last Performer to sign up, who will then automatically get given whichever slot is left (which is usually either the first slot - i.e. opening the night - or the last slot!).

Sign up for all our nights (except Sunday) is at 7 pm (Sundays is at 6 pm). For our busier nights (e.g. Saturdays) it is advised to get there before 7 pm.

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